Which Type of Banner Display is Right for You?

If you have an event coming up and wish to make a real impact with your display, it is imperative that you pick the right kind of banner for the job at hand.

Dominion Display presents this handy guide to getting it right first time.

Size things up

It is important that you think carefully about what size of banner you need – some points to consider:

  • Think about where your banner is going to be displayed and how this will affect the visibility of whatever graphics are printed on it.
  • Larger banners may need to be printed on stronger, heavier grade materials.
  • If your banner is to be displayed outside, think about how weather conditions will affect it and choose an appropriate material, such as a mesh substrate.

Think about your budget

Make sure that your banner can be printed within your budget – luckily, our cost calculator makes it easy for you to get an accurate idea of what it will cost to print your banner and make adjustments accordingly;

Simply enter your banner dimensions, material, finish and pick a quantity: almost instantaneously, you’ll receive a reliable free quote: visit http://www.dominiondisplay.com/ to try it for yourself.

Choose an appropriate substrate

When it comes to banners, it is vitally important to choose the right material for the task in hand – let’s take a look at the various kinds available at Dominion Display…

PVC banners

This versatile type of banner printing material is available in multiple configurations, to suit any given scenario – for example:

  • 330gsm Mesh: These PVC banners are designed to cope with even the windiest conditions: the secret lies in the clever manufacturing process which punches hundreds of tiny holes through the surface of the material – this feature helps to reduce the strain placed on your banner fixings, by allowing the wind to blow straight through.
  • 440gsm Banner-grade: A good all-round, general purpose grade which combines high print quality with the flexible properties of PVC.
  • 500gsm Banner-grade: This heavier grade of banner possesses greater strength than lower grades, making it a fantastic choice for large-scale, outdoor banners.
  • 740gsm Double-Sided: Avoid the problem of show-through when you need a double-sided banner, by choosing this effective solution.

Recyclable PE banners

If you want to make an impact on your audience, whilst minimising the effect your banner will have on the planet, our recyclable PE material is fast becoming an ever more popular choice among our eco-friendly customers;

Available in 130gsm, this beautiful material produces high-quality results whilst maintaining its 100% recyclable properties.